Reihe: Ehrenamt bei WUMAN / Volunteering at WUMAN – Hazel is co-organizing the WiDS Conference Mannheim

Hazel is volunteering for the WiDS (Women in Data Science) Conference Mannheim, which will be held this month on March 22-23. She is excited to be working on a team with diverse people on a common project and she is willing to tell you more about her personal experiences:

„Hi, my name is Hazel Wat. I came from the US and moved to Mannheim eight years ago due to my husband’s work. Since I used to live and work in Silicon Valley, I had the chance to visit Stanford University multiple times. I started volunteering for the WiDS (Women in Data Science) Mannheim chapter in 2021 and contributed to the preparation of the Marketing materials for its annual Data Science Conference, which is usually held in March / April of the year. This is my second-year volunteering for WiDS Mannheim.

My main tasks for WiDS 2022 were creating the Marketing Agenda, Flyer, Speaker Postcard, Run Down and preparing the Welcome Speech. This year, I am performing similar functions for the WiDS.

I really enjoy the social interaction with the people in our team. As a team of eight volunteers we meet on a monthly basis. We’re not only working on the conference preparations, but also share our recent happenings. Initially, entering the field of Data Science was something I would have never imagined myself doing. Being exposed to the topics and know-how in our group helps me to gain insight and knowledge about the realm. It is nice and interesting to get to know and exchange with people from different parts of Germany and collaborate for a common goal. Everyone has a different background, style and ways of working. It blends in harmony and works productively in the past, present and I believe it will do the same in the future. 🙂“

Thank you for your support, Hazel!

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